Eating Out // Sunday Brunch at C Sons

Eating Out // Sunday Brunch at C Sons

I am a huge brekkie fan and finding excellent places in Shrewsbury for it is not difficult as it’s full of gorgeous cafes, restaurants and markets. However there is one in particular that is our perfect happy spot to spend a lazy Sunday morning with a months worth of newspapers and big saucers of coffee.

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Being a huge advocate of independent businesses I get really excited when, rather than see them close, there are more and more opening in my town, one of these most recent lovely additions being C Sons.

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It is the wonderfully delicious project of 4 brothers (Mr, Mr, Mr & Mr Crouch … and so to the name C Sons), who have invested all their food experience and passion into this exciting venture. Having grown up spending time all over the world they are settled (for now) in Shrewsbury and have brought the fresh flavors from many different countries to our town in their delicious food using local ingredients, hence their proud motto “Locally sourced, globally inspired”.


However as excellent as the food is … (and I say this having been a vegetarian turned meat-eater after being tempted by their salt beef) It’s the vibe of the place that makes it so special. It’s friendly, fun, down to earth and full of great big lovable personalities that are a wealth of food and drink knowledge.


There is also such a wonderful family feel, with the rest of the family supporting them; wives, children and friends are all involved and very much part of the team that make it work.

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On a wintery drizzly Sunday you are guaranteed to walk in and be greeted by a huge smile and an even bigger hug (even after a long week and maybe a late night at a local cocktail bar … hey Adam!) you feel like you are spending the morning with friends that are going to make you lots of great things to eat.

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Back to the food, and the question “how do you like your eggs in the morning?” Mr H would tell you poached with a side of sausage, or bacon, or sausage … a weekly dilemma that he faces.

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The perfect poached egg is something of an art, of which they are masters … I am told it is all in the long drop!

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The breakfast menu here has everything on it, from Oaxaca “Wahaca” mexican eggs to Macneils’ Scandinavian-style smoked salmon and my personal favorite that after 15 mins of drooling over the menu every week I will always choose … The homemade Gronala with homemade lemon curd. It’s like having dessert for breakfast and this lemon curd is not what you would expect to get off the shelf. It is like you are standing in the middle of a lemon grove on a rustic Italian farm with the hot sun shining down … you have heard the expression a little bowl of sunshine, this is what they were referring to and I say a “bowl” as this is what I now get … Lemon curd with a side of granola.

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This is also somewhere you can “pay it forward”. An acts of kindness project which enables you to pay in a soup, hot drink or delicious dinner for someone who needs it, it is a small act that helps towards making a bigger community and the board here is full of kindness and generosity, which just about sums this place up.

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C Sons is open all week for Breaky, Brunch and Lunch, or for cake and coffee. On Friday and Saturday evenings it opens for dinner, with a tasting menu on the Friday chosen for you, with lots of plates of “deliciousness” and then Saturday evening is a more of a traditional dining experience, with less “traditional” food … I have also been reliably informed that there are fantastic cocktails and local wine too, these I am yet to sample, must rectify soon!


Locally sourced Paso-primero wine

I love this place, the people, the vibe, the passion and the food … but most of all the family ♥

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C Sons, 8 Milk St, Shrewsbury SY1 1SZ
01743 272709






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