Adventures in Walking Boots – River Severn

Adventures in Walking Boots – River Severn

So yesterday I decided to go for a little walk around one of my favourite places, I pulled on my walking boots and headed off to Shrewsbury Quarry Park, it was not till I got there though that I realised that this was more an adventure for wellies!

These are a few of my pics from the rather wet walk which was good fun until I actually got stuck in the mud. It was so incredibly beautiful and has left me feeling that I could do a bit more to look after mother nature.

IMG_6803 IMG_6797 IMG_6796 IMG_6795 IMG_6794 IMG_6792 IMG_6793 IMG_6791 IMG_6788 IMG_6789 IMG_6790 IMG_6798 IMG_6802 IMG_6799 IMG_6800 IMG_6801


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