IVF Diaries // Egg Collection Day

IVF Diaries // Egg Collection Day

“I’m pregnant” … !!!!

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well that’s what the 2 lines that have appeared on the little pee stick in front of me suggest, however what it is actually confirming is that the HCG trigger shot that Mr H popped into my tummy at exactly 8.30pm on the dot on Monday evening is in my system and therefore ovulation should precisely occur at 8.30am this morning, just in time for the baby making doctor to catch any eggs that decide to pop out of the follicles … so in fact not pregnant at all, again the irony of infertility is never wasted on us.

So now that’s confirmed its time for stage two of this morning’s prep … the antibiotic suppository, I think the less said about this the better … just that it’s where it should be!

Funnily enough, the hardest bit of this mornings checklist was the restriction of any creams, lotions, potions, deodorants, makeup or hair products … any chemicals full stop (to prevent damaging the eggs or sperm), which meant no slathering on the Nivea, so after 5 mins of stepping out of the decontaminating shower I had dried up like a sundried tomato (without the oil!) … and Mr H had to leave the house without hair gel for maybe the 2nd time in his life!

Bag packed with Nivea, coconut water (after 12 hours of no fluid I was ready to rehydrate the minute it was over!) a pad (in case of spotting) … and a pessary as, joy of joys after the egg collection I get to pop one in, which I will continue twice a day for the next few weeks  if all goes well … please let me be popping pessaries till the summer!

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It’s a funny kind of emotion you experience at this stage, there’s excitement that this time we have actually got this far with 5 follicles to go hunting for eggs in, completely absorbed in love for each other and what you could possibly achieve together and then the nerves, apprehension and anxiety that all try to sneak their way into your mind at any opportunity, but for once you just cannot think any further ahead of that moment you’re in at the time, that we are here (on egg collection day) and in the best most wonderful hands …

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Arriving at the unit we are met by big smiles and greeted by one of our special “Super nurses” Claire, who takes us through for assessment and after taking my blood pressure and oxygen sats, leaves me with a sexy little negligee to change into, well a bum flasher gown anyway. When she returns she talks us through the procedure and pops in a cannula whilst sharing a “few” giggles, these of which are normal practice here. I think we would both agree that our lovely nurses add to making this experience fun, there is never any holding back or nerves, we can just be ourselves, our soppy silly selves with them and whilst we enjoy their company and sense of humour we think they are just wonderful.

We are then visited by Victoria, the embryologist that is an absolutely huge part of the process and will be the lovely lady that will be finding and then taking care of any eggs that are retrieved, introducing them to the sperm and then hopefully watching embryo development, she’s like “Super nanny” and talks us through how things will proceed if things are successful over the next few days … not getting too excited .. NOT GETTING EXCITED!!!!

Then its time, snuggling into Mr H we say our goodbye (throat lump!) and I leave him to wait to be whisked off into the room with “that chair” and the 1970’s porn mag that he’s already heard so much about to take things “in hand” and make his contribution to the party as I head off down the corridor with Claire. Spotting our other lovely super nurses Roz and Gwen I feel like having a big group hug or doing one of those big group high fives before entering the treatment room.


This is when the fun starts and I actually do mean that. I could never explain what the atmosphere is like in that room, but it was one full of optimism, care and fun. looking around I spot my good friend, the dildo cam … although this time he’s going to have a needle attached, not so friendly then!!

Hopping onto the bed there is a knock at the wooden hatch on the wall to my left and screen slides back and the smiling face of Victoria appears, a bit like the big reveal in Blind date, she checks I am indeed who I am and then lying back and with my legs lifted into the stirrups I assume the position, which after a little discussion it is decided within the room that’s my yoga taken care of this morning with Claire suggesting its an alternative Sun Salutation.

As the doctor arrives and administers my happy juice I start to float up towards the ceiling and although I fight to stay awake and fully conscious  (I don’t want to miss a thing) I have absolutely no idea what’s going on around me, for how long or where I am … apart from seeing the floating head of Claire every now and then and at some point hear someone mention “1 egg” and then I’m back on my rainbow with the unicorns and fairies where I remain until I see the floating head of Mr H in front of me which is thankfully soon joined by his body (this sedation is seriously good stuff!) and I realise I’m in recovery.


Having come back down to earth, if maybe a little reluctantly, we are made two of the best cups of builders tea ever, with the added treat of a Shrewsbury biscuit (or is that a Shrowsbury biscuit Claire!!?) … whilst we wait to find out whether we have any eggs in our basket, with every sound of footsteps our hearts jump until finally they belong to Victoria who comes with the much-anticipated news …


… “We have retrieved 3 eggs”

3 EGGS, that’s 3 opportunities for a little Hambley …. 3 more than I could have ever hoped … and 3 very much anticipated precious little miracles!

Also, good news is that Mr H’s little fellas are strong and virile, which means they shall be doing the IVF protocol opposed to ICSI … the boy done good!

At 2pm today, the mood will be set and they are all going to be introduced to each other in a petri dish with the hope that romance is in the air!

… and so now we wait, tomorrow morning we shall be receiving a call from the embryologist with the result … have any of our 3 little eggs been fertilised?


But until then, following big hugs with our lovely nurses we head home full of smiles, love and hope ♥


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