Explore // Eating Out // The Birds Nest, Shrewsbury

Explore // Eating Out // The Birds Nest, Shrewsbury

I have been meaning to write a blog on this wonderful place for ages, but it really is hard to find the words that even begin to do it justice; the vibe, the people, the music, the food, the way in which it literally takes you in under its wing (bird pun excused!) and before you know it you find you have spent a whole morning there, tapping away, reading, people watching or daydreaming.

But as it is, without doubt one of my favourite places to go in Shrewsbury, I thought it was about time that I found the words.

Tucked away in a bustling corner of the Market Hall … and when I say bustling I mean exactly that, is a vibrant place full market traders, a barbers, vintage clothes, artists and people making a day to day living doing what they love. This is one of the things that really does give it the edge and you find yourself right bang smack in the middle of everyday life going on around you.

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The Nests decor is an eclectic mix, think a surfers beach shack, with an industrial feel from all the exposed bleached wood and metal, with a bohemian twist. There are cosy sofas, intimate booths, communal tables and a place to perch or two (well what else would you expect in a birds nest).

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At the very soul of this wonderful place is co owners Victor and Aaron, 2 brummie boys who over 5 years ago brought a much-needed injection of excitement into the town and have worked extremely hard to create this awesome space.

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Although a lot of The Birds Nest’s appeal is the atmosphere, I cannot over look why we go there on a Saturday morning, or a weekday lunch, or the occasional pop up … it’s the food!

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With a street food inspired simple menu that changes regularly they are “cookoo about healthy eating”, but not the cliched image of “healthy eating” there is no compromise on taste, wherever possible they use locally sourced and organic ingredients in their dishes, which you will find hard to choose between, their specials are always imaginative and somehow always seem to suit the weather … and like with any real healthy eating philosophy it is balanced out by a delicious table filled with cakes, pastries and doughnuts.

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One of their most recent additions to the cafe, is their own deli, stocked with fresh bread, preserves, coffees, teas, “love potion” an organic raw chocolate and the latest health craze “birch water” … which unlike coconut water doesn’t make you feel like you are drinking salt!

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So sitting here now, it’s a Wednesday morning at 10 am and i’m curled up in a cosy corner of the cafe listening to Jack Johnson and Aaron’s singing along, people come and go all being greeted in a happy, laid back and friendly way, there are groups of students, young mums, friends catching up, corporate suits working, nanas, grandads, tourists … there really is a community here.

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There are so many special things about this place which make it work, its a cool combination that’s priceless, the guys passion and spirits shine through as do the staff that work along side them. Maybe, its that no matter who you are, the happy – go – lucky, carefree atmosphere and the soul food invokes the free spirit in you, I certainly do know this; by the time you do tear yourself away, you leave with a happy tummy and a happy heart.

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The Birds Nest, The Market Hall, 6-7 Claremont St, Shrewsbury SY1 1QG

01743 600393 – info@thebirdsnestcafe.uk

Open Tues – Saturday 8.30am – 5pm


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