IVF Diaries // Embryo Transfer

IVF Diaries // Embryo Transfer

So here we are, a place that after a failed first round of IVF we never thought we would be.

Having made it to egg collection and beyond expectations they not only found 1 but 3 … I’m not baron after all!!!

Every stage completed for us felt like a huge success, so literally not wanting to put all our eggs in one basket we just hoped that when my eggs were introduced to Mr H’s sperm that they would take a liking to each other, but you know how chemistry, or in this case biology works … they would call us in the morning and let us know!

After waking early and pacing up and down  more than the military guard awaiting the call we decided to get out of the house for breakfast, especially as we could still have a few more hours wait ahead of us, not two minutes having left and the phone that had become permanently attached to my hand started to ring and looking down were those two words that cause a huge conflict of emotions “No Number”, as I answer Mr H pulled over (wise decision considering his concentration suddenly was not on the road, but on the verdict!).

It was the embryologist, or now as she had become known to us the most important person in the world, so “I have just checked on them and two have fertilised overnight” … we have life!!!!! Not just one, but two … two little emmie babies that are safe and sound and growing in their special incubator, I wave two fingers up at Mr H, which in this case he is happy to see. Just as we process this amazing information, she says “so if you are still happy to go ahead with a multiple transfer we will do it tomorrow” …. (insert expletive!) … tomorrow, as in tomorrow … oh hell yes we’re happy.

FullSizeRender (13)

We are told that obviously they will observe the embryos for the next twenty-four hours and as long as they continue to do well and grow then both (which was previously decided) will go back in TOMORROW, unless we receive a phonecall … please no phonecall!

As like the collection, we are told no lotions or positions before the procedure and as this time there is no need for sedation then I get to eat and drink too … in fact I get to drink lots, as I need a full bladder for the scan, hmm, knowing the Dildo Cam as intimately as I do I’m not sure how that’s going to go, hope the doc has his waterproofs on!

The next morning I had a pre transfer appointment with my acupuncturist, in Chinese medicine it is recognised that the embryo needs a blood and nutrient rich womb to snuggle into, which I am in no doubt that my lovely doctor achieved and it’s also wonderful for relieving anxiety and stress, which you don’t want to have rushing about your body when you are trying to make it a happy home. Then at 11am we were back, sitting in our second home, both literally jigging with excitement, holding onto a bag of cookies I had made for the fertility team that morning and then I heard my name called out, eeeeek … this is it!!















The embryologist took us through to the consultation room where she gave us the good news “your embryos are coming along nicely and are just where I would expect them to be at this stage” we still had the two, a three cell and a four cell both grade two, in non-technical terms this is good, the best “rating” is a grade one, but I’ve never got that in my life so why start now … grade two is just perfect.

Taken into the treatment room Gwen was ready and waiting (not sure if I’ve introduced Gwen yet, another super nurse with a sharp wit, she takes no messing, but has a twinkle in her eye that’s full of warmth and care) the procedure is explained and in a nutshell I am made very aware that there will be a lot of waiting with legs wide open, no problem!

No surgical gown this time, I literally popped off my lower half behind a sheet (can’t have Mr H seeing my bottom!!) then hopping onto the bed I assume the position, which funnily enough is pretty similar to the “Happy Baby” in yoga. Mr H is seated next to me so that he can view the scan, then the wooden screen slides open and there is our embryologist.

Our consultant arrives and we are on …












The process is painless, uncomfortable, but that’s because you are clamped open with a speculum whilst within the black hole beyond there’s lots of scraping, poking and then having a cervix so tight that it requires an extra bit of forceful dilation does have the effect of making you want to cross your legs shut. Now for whatever reason this is when I decide to get a fit of the giggles, like when you are in a most inappropriate situation and the more you try and suppress them, the more they build up, not great when firstly your bladder is full to pop and secondly the consultant is trying to navigate carefully around your uterus. Luckily at that point I hear “we’re ready” and at that the embryologist disappears to get our embryos out of their cosy incubator and we wait, that’s the bit it all suddenly hits you. I look up at Mr H who’s squeezing my hand with a great bit grin and I know that he’s right there with me, there’s no need to say anything out loud, we both know that these next few minutes something truly miraculous and beautiful is going to happen, here right now, in this room, all these amazing people could get us pregnant! Who needs candles and Barry White to set the mood, this is it and it’s all the romance I want.

A minute later I see the embryologist appear again and very gently hand over a catheter that inside has two teeny little fragile balls of cells that each have the potential to be our baby (or babies …. Eeek). It’s all completely surreal and as much as you think there may be a circle of life moment when Simba holds up the baby lion and the sun beams down, there’s not and just like that, it’s done … and I am suddenly reminded, I need to wee!




















After a quick trip to the loo and insertion of a progesterone pessary we were done. With instructions to carry out a pregnancy test in no less than 14 days and a restaurant recommendation from Claire we headed home, where I immediately took to the sofa with warm socks having been advised by my acupuncturist and spent the afternoon with a combination of soup, cookies and movies 24. This two-week wait was going to be fine, I just have to stay calm and relaxed, not obsess and stay away from Google, not a problem!!!


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