IVF Diaries // We’re Pregnant!!!!

IVF Diaries // We’re Pregnant!!!!

Head well and truly buried underneath the duvet, I could hear clattering coming from the bathroom, seriously 3 minutes must be up by now, it feels like a years’ gone by!

It was 6am on Friday morning, also known as the end of “the two-week wait” and “test day”. Being a self-confessed wimp and having seen my fair share of negative pregnancy tests over the past few years, this time I had left Mr H to do the test, well not quite literally, I had done my part and pee’d in the tea cup (no one is going to have tea at ours again!!) and then left Mr H with the task to dip and wait …


Right, if it’s negative that’s fine (it really wouldn’t be!) we’ll have a nice day off together full of caffeine, soft cheese and many many cocktails, it would be fine, really, we can try again and you never know we may be one of those couples who after unsuccessful IVF conceive naturally, yes, that’s it, we’ll be fine “FINE” … oh good god, what the hell is taking him so long!?

I listened for the door, if it was positive the door will swing open and he’ll come bounding out …

It’s going to be positive, I know it is, I’ve had so many symptoms, every single one of them that I’ve googled, I’ve had … sore boobs, tiredness, bloating, snuffly nose, cold symptoms, spotting, cramping … “wind”!!! There’s no question about it, I’m pregnant, I have to be, it’s not the effects of the twice daily tricky trickster progesterone pessaries or the HCG trigger shot, I feel different … and what’s medical science when you have female intuition.

Oh he’s not coming out, he can’t face me, I shouldn’t have asked him to do it alone, there must be so much pressure on him, he’s going to have to tell his wife it’s negative and I’m going to have to try not to break my heart … oh the doors opening!!!

So it was at 6.03am on Friday morning when Mr H entered the room, with a straight face that said nothing, but eyes that gave him away, jumping onto the bed test held high into the air … “we’re pregnant”!!!!!!


That was one of those moments, like the time halfway through our wedding that I didn’t think I could be so deliriously happy, those few minutes right then, holding the man I love with all my heart knowing that now in that room there wasn’t just the two of us, there was a brand new wonderful little life that we together (with the help of the baby makers!) have created, that was so loved, cherished and precious … now to keep it safe and happy.


We’ve come this far, we’ve made it through IVF, the hormones, the injections, the highs and lows, the stress, anxiety and we have done it, we are pregnant … now we can relax!!!!!!!


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