Pregnancy // Week 34

Pregnancy // Week 34

Timeline: 33 weeks, 2 days

Size: 17 inches, 3.10lbs

Gender: Teeny tiny little man cub

Baby: Wonderful … just wonderful (mummy gushes!!) It’s been such a scary time, but our little cub has been completely oblivious to it all and has really thrived and flourished over the past few weeks.

His brain and nervous system are now fully formed, having lots of little thoughts which I love to ponder on … like “I wish mummy would just stay still in bed so I can get some sleep”! and “if I put my foot in this bony bit up there really quickly I wonder what that yelp noise is”!!

He now opens and closes his eyes depending on whether he is awake or asleep. All his bones (especially his feet!!) are hardening, with exception to his skull of which remains soft in preparation for labour so he can “easily” pass through the birth canal.

This is also an important time for major development milestones, with his breathing and sucking mechanisms starting to coordinate, therefore if born early he would hopefully require less medical intervention.

Symptoms: Sleep has now become an issue, or i should say the lack of it has. the combination of excitement, anxiety, swelling, the party animal in my tummy and fighting with the millions of props and pillows that accompany me to bed these days mean that the day bags under my eyes are now ready to pack for a mini break, although I am well aware that all these discomforts and changes to routine are nature’s way of preparing me for the long nights of feeding, winding, playing, cuddling, rocking, pacing and melt downs that will have me looking like I have bags ready to fill a jumbo jet under my eyes, so I can’t really complain and to be honest when I think about why and because of who I don’t sleep and the journey to get here I just feel grateful and so incredibly blessed … so bring on the sleep deprivation!!! (hmmm, although I think I may be a little delirious now!!)

Cravings & Aversions: I CRAVE FOOD …. just food in general! I have a new hunger that I have only experienced on a mild level in the old days when after a weekend out with the girls (and many many bottles of wine!) I would be ravenous for a huge polystyrene box of chips, cheese and mayonnaise, which i would start to devour and then usually spill everywhere and then be distraught over! Another thing that prepped me for pregnancy … having a complete break down when hangry (hungry + angry!)

Bump: Bump now spans the length from the deep depths of my foof, right up to what feels like my throat! Although the little cub is measuring small, he still has Olympic runner long legs, of which I have absolutely no idea how he came by (looking down at my own legs dangling way too short for the bench i am now sitting at!!) and his daddy, although very hunky muscly man legs (don’t want to affect my chance of a foot massage later!!) again aren’t super long … maybe all my hanging upside down in downward dog has stretched them!!

I do LOVE it though, like head over heels, completely and utterly in love with my big, round, tight bulging belly bump … it’s the most precious and beautiful thing and now because we are not going to be induced until a bit later I shall be getting blessed and henna’d.

Body: Not really many more changes since the last update, the swelling comes at night as does most of the discomfort. When I walk too far I have to hold on to my pelvis, feeling that he is going to fall out, as his head is well and truly burrowed down now and according to the sonographer is in prime birthing position. I have been getting Braxton Hicks since about week 27 and they have intensified, people experience these in difference ways, I get tightening and sharp pains and baby does not like them at all. He could be happily playing around cycling his legs but as soon as my tummy tightens, so does he, I feel him go completely rigid, poor little guy was having such a nice time and then his little head gets squeezed for no reason … oh if only he knew what’s to come!

Asides from that I am feeling really good, full of energy and probably the best ive felt physically throughout the whole pregnancy.

Missing: Being able to put anything on my lower half without the feeling that my head is going to pop off with the pressure of bending down or reaching.

A Cocktail date night, although this again may be some time in the waiting! But getting dressed up (well i may put heels on with my jeans and t shirt!) with my boy and heading out for a few cocktails a bit of flirting and frivolities. But then at the moment by 7pm my super energy levels are on the floor anyway, however there are a few date nights left in this mama yet!

Scariest Moment: So ok, after the last month, I could say that every day has been scary, not knowing if or when he would be delivered by emergency c section, hoping and praying that he stays happy and healthy and doesn’t go into distress, that he puts on weight and that his amniotic fluid doesn’t drop further … the first week of the new year was spent like a rabbit in the headlights, feeling completely anxious, but then that changed! We spent time with a dear friend who is also a “birthing from within” mentor and she gave us some time to talk and consider everything that was happening without stress or worry to see things clearly again, to look past all the upset of the clinical interventions, the statistics and urgency and feel confident and empowered again, to re connect with each other and what we are capable of getting through together. At the same time, I started to see my Chinese doctor again on a weekly basis, who has also made a huge difference to not only my outlook, but I also really strongly believe our baby’s health and then as always all the positive energy that surrounds us. So things are still up in the air and our baby boy will be joining us earlier than expected, but now we feel really confident and at peace with the support he has around him, medically, socially and holistically that will keep him safe.

Happiest Moment: There’s been so so many, everyday there has been a moment when I have felt on top of the world happy. There is so much going on at the moment in our lives also away from the pregnancy that I really do appreciate every little moment and how special the simple things are, so here are a few of them …

My nephew that until now had been a “little” unsure and uneasy of the bump finally agreed to touch it and as soon as he did, little cub made is presence known and gave his cousin a kick, his face was a picture and suddenly lit up with all that was to come having a new little friend that would look up to him as the bigger and wiser boy!

Having a dream in which Mark told me the little cubs name and that he would be ok, I woke in the morning feeling full of joy and positivity and that feeling hasn’t left me … nor has the name, which I think we are now agreed on, although the first person to know will be our little man when he arrives earth side.

Seeing and hearing from beloved friends who I adore and knowing that soon I get to introduce our baby to all these beautiful people that fill our lives with so much love, support and kindness.

Every single moment spent with Mark in these last few weeks, just me and him with his hand tucked over the top of my tummy watching tv, lazy breakfasts in coffee shops giving each other secret smiles, walking hand in hand round woods making plans, feeling the excitement growing every day and knowing that with every kiss goodnight what our love is capable of.

Meeting a group of amazing mummies on a Monday morning in a coffee shop, where I am just in awe of each and every one of them and their pregnancy, birth and parenting stories. It really is wonderful to be able to have such a community to be part of.

Attending yoga classes again taught by lovely calming ladies, where I feel more connected to cub then ever as he stretches with me and relaxes, it’s our time, mine and his, where throughout my practice there is nothing else but just being in that moment with him and it fills my heart with joy.

Sitting writing this today, drinking a pot of peppermint tea, chatting to an elderly lady at the table next to me, feeling cub stretching his legs, looking down and seeing my belly bloom.

Looking forward to: I am so excited that next week the amazing and talented lady that did the henna for my wedding will be doing the most beautiful belly henna tattoo for bump, its something that when we were going through the fertility treatment I set an intention for. It’s so important to me that she’s doing it as it’s a ritual for celebrating the happiest of life events that she’s become a part of.

This weekend will also see the start of getting the nursery ready, so out will come the DIY daddy again with his toolkit to take on the flat pack challenge … I shall watch and oooh, ahhh and cheer on accordingly.


So that’s where we are up to, I cannot believe how quick the second and up to this point the third trimester has gone, I keep getting told that it will soon start to drag, but for now I want to make the most of every minute this little man cubs heart beats inside me, every symptom, swelling, poke, prod, sleepless night, hiccup, bottom wriggle, daddy tummy chat, belly rub and yoga class … because these are the moments that I fall deeper in love with him and as like with his daddy, they are the moments that you hold precious because they make you feel more alive than anything else in the world.

Big love and hugs x



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