National Baby Making day … yes really!!!!

National Baby Making day … yes really!!!!

Happy “National Baby Making Day” … yes really the 2nd of January is officially the most popular day of the year for couples to conceive a baby, with the most common time being just after 10pm!!!

Although for us we had the amazing and miracle journey of IVF to conceive our little cub, we did have many months of trying the “old fashioned way” (ha, those pre baby days when we had time, energy & managed to stay awake)
During this time I would have tried anything to get pregnant and entertained some bizarre and frankly impossible advice … I did however become an expert in the medical & scientifically backed research, so if you are one of those couples that are wanting to make more than just resolutions this new year, here are some baby making tips that actually work …

#1 have sex regularly throughout the month.

Yes although you are most likely to get pregnant if you have sex around ovulation, you don’t always know when this is (and from experience the kits and the time of the month aren’t always reliable!). Sperm can live in the body for up to 7 days, so by having sex every 2 / 3 days throughout the month you are hugely increasing the chance (due to timing, quality & quantity of the little fellas!)

#2 Eat a balanced nutritious diet.

Weight, bmi and the food you eat affects your fertility. I had to gain weight to increase my chances as years of restrictive dieting had coursed chaos with my periods.
I did lots of research in this area, especially when doing the ivf as I needed to ensure that the health of my eggs were optimal, however this is also the case with anyone, as the quality of the egg and sperm greatly affects contraception and pregnancy. 2 authors I found hugely beneficial were Zita West and Emma Cannon, really great medically supported advice.

# 3
Quit smoking and drink sensibly (or not at all!)
This needs no explanation … sorry to be a party pooper! The upside is that with it being new year pretty much everyone has made resolutions to be healthier … so you’re not alone (until they get broken!!!)

# 4
Relax, have fun and chill the f@$k out.
I cannot stress this enough, hopefully your journey into parenthood won’t be a long, stressful and sad one …for us it was at times and so the one thing I learnt above all else was that it was an adventure, it was our adventure and as much as it was challenging, there was akso ALOT of laughter, fun, date nights and learning to let go … easier said then done I know, but if you start to see “baby making” as a chore or it’s causing you more stress and anxiety then bringing you hope, you need to take a step back for a bit and remember why you are doing it again, it’s so easy to let it become the main focus of your life, you forgot the life your own …
to lighten the mood a little I made a Spotify playlist that meant it was “fun time” at home when trying the old fashioned , this playlist also got played during the night the little cub spent in the Petri dish at the clinic … and you never know maybe again one day!!!

Anyway I dont want to be taking up any more of your precious “fun time”, Thanks for reading, please do share any tips (fun or fact!) you have.

Happy baby making x