Ways to Celebrate Spring Awakening with Little Ones.

Ways to Celebrate Spring Awakening with Little Ones.


I cannot believe that Easter was 2 weeks ago now … and since then we have had a few days which have given us a taste of Spring and thank god it feels like coming out into the light again!
Don’t get me wrong we have had a lovely winter, but like many others it feels like it’s been a long one this year, maybe partially down to the distinct lack of sleep due to Bodhi’s many many “viral infections” (we will be happy not to hear that term for a while!)
So anyway good bye and good riddance (i say whilst touching wood … well a note pad, paper .. same thing!!) to endless snotty noses and coughing fits, it is time to take a deep breath, de clutter, open the windows, get outdoors and enjoy some glorious spring days (please no more snow!). So I thought I would share with you some of the lovely things to do this time of year with your little ones.

Spring to do list with kids …

Down on the farm;
I really want Bodhi to have an understanding of how the seasons affect the land and wildlife around him, so will be taking him to Fordhall Farm’s spring celebration next Sunday (22nd April), where he can get to see and learn about the animals, hopefully meet a new little lamb and watch and be part of the day to day running of this wonderful community owned farm. There are events like this going on throughout the country, so look out for one by you. Also on the 10th June (technically still spring!) hundreds of farms across the UK open their gates for “Open Farm Sunday”, a chance to discover real farming and why it matters.

Get growing;
One of our dearest friends runs an amazing social enterprise Lovely Land which promote organic growing in the community and especially with little ones, for Bodhis 1st birthday we received some special seed packs from their lovely land garden, so I cannot wait to get sowing these together. There are some really lovely ideas on their website on how to engage littles (and bigs!) with growing at home, but also at nursery and pre schools. Sign up as a member and receive a wonderful get growing pack, full of seeds, labels, activities and sunshine. Also check out the RHS website for lots of useful tips and activities.

Spring clean the book shelf;
Now is the time to pack away “a Christmas wish” for another year and all the other winter books and get out some lovely seasonal stories of spring time, about nature, wildlife and all things bunny, chicks and lambs.  Visit your local Children’s book shops and library as most do featured seasonal displays and events.

I shall be sharing some of our favourite seasonal books in an upcoming blog, alongside some wonderful recommendations from our special friend, book shop owner and previous director of BookTrust (in short fountain of all book knowledge!) Louise from Button & Bear.

Make a spring time journal / scrapbook;
Do drawings and doodles, make notes, take pictures and collect things you see together.
Stick pieces of cotton wool to some paper representing a new born lamb, a green squiggle drawing of the daffodil spouting up, collect twigs, leaves, wild flowers and birds feathers in an envelop, keep a little book of your springtime adventures.

Feed the Birds
There is nothing I love more then the return of the morning chorus (Mr H however does not agree with me on this one at 5am), but the sound of bird song fills me with joy and uplifts my soul. Over the next few weeks the birds who have now “coupled up” will be nesting, so make some homemade bird feeders out of everyday objects you have at home. Better yet do some upcycling of any plastic bottles you may have still lying around! Check out my “Spring awakening” board on Pinterest for ideas.

So thats just a ideas to how to awaken some spirit of spring, Please let me know any of the ways that you’ll be celebrating Spring – I’d love to hear your ideas x

Wishing you all a beautiful sunny Spring day.

Big hugs. A x