“Hey mama you’re doing amazing” x

“Hey mama you’re doing amazing” x

So over the last 15 months of motherhood I have come to realise one very important thing … there is something essential for a happy mum and happy baby … that thing is a tribe, a community of friends … mama friends.

I may have said this on a few occasions, but I was never prepared (haha like you ever could be!) for being a mummy, I read a brilliant quote recently that said “parenthood is like looking both ways before crossing the road and then getting hit by an airplane” … yep!

We have amazing days and impossible days, super mum days and completely overwhelming days we have days when we are skipping on rainbows and days when we try to hold ourselves together and not to lose our shit, but most of all we have “just trying to be a good being mama” days …

We all carried babies and gave birth, we pushed, we were cut, we hypno birthed, we shouted for an epidural, we were awake, we were asleep, we boob, we bottle, we stay at home, we go to work, we wear posh frocks and heels, we wear pjs and slippers, we reward ourselves with tea and cake, or gin and tonics, we go to baby groups, we go to the pub, we prepare fresh organic homemade meals, we stock up on ellas kitchen, we sleep, we don’t sleep … what we all have in common is that we are all mumming in our own amazing way

I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by the most beautiful mama tribe, I also (you may have noticed) am very honest and open, which has allowed me to share my experiences as a mum with others but have also received advice, kindness, love and support when I needed it … not all mamas are this lucky and sadly the “mother-hood” can be very judgemental, clicky and lonely, so I have decided that I want to do all I can to help break down barriers, shyness, fears of being judged or not being liked ….

So I have designed a mama pin badge that when worn is to carry that message, that when mamas support each other amazing things happen.

I want to make sure that every mama feels that she can be part of a tribe that will nourish her and her baby, that she can ask for help when needed, no judgement, just kindness. If ever she needs to have a chat, a cry, a hug, coffee or large gin and for someone to say “yeah I know its tough, but you’re going to be ok” that she knows that she has got this, she is the best she can be, together we are stronger and happier … and together we can rock our “mama mojo”

This mama tribe is to help and support woman locally, nationally and world wide, which is why £1 from every badge will go to our chosen charities, Every Mother Counts, Pandas Foundation and SATH Fertility Centre.

So just remember … “you ARE doing amazing, i know it doesnt always feel like it … but you have got this” … and when you haven’t, you’ve got mama friends

Big love and always BIG HUGS mamas xxx

Badges can currently be purchased from the following places;

Button & Bear, Shrewsbury

That Boho Mama – Facebook Page

That Boho Mama Store – Etsy