Dear NHS … Thank you x

Dear NHS … Thank you x

A few months ago I had a call from a lovely programme researcher for ITV about a series they were putting together to celebrate 70 years of the NHS, we were invited to go to London for a couple of days and film a short video as part of a collective song to say thank you to all the amazing people that work within our national health service!

Unfortunately Bodhi had got the 100th virus this year and the thought of hurling him down to London with a fever to spend the day in a studio and the night in a hotel just wasn’t an option no matter how well stocked the mini bar was with gin, so sadly we didn’t get to say our 30 second personal thank you after Coronation Street, so instead I’ll say it the best way I know how …

2 years ago this very week, after our 2nd attempt of IVF we watched two pink lines appear in front of us, 2 lines that without the staff of the NHS, the work they do and love and commitment to their service we would never have seen and our miracle baby wouldn’t be here now lying sleeping on my chest!
There was so many people involved in our IVF journey, many we didn’t see; such as the researchers, scientists, administration team, porters, pharmacists, embryologists that do what they do every single day not seeing the outcome! Then there were the people we met often along the way, the lady in the league of friends that made our tea on the appointments where we waited preying for good news, the phlebotomist’s that took my bloods 3 times a week, the staff that would smile passing us as we walked into the fertility unit, the ward clerk that greeted us on every visit, that answered our anxious calls nervous for results and who’s calm voice kept us crying down the phone, the consultant who with a career of experience ensured that we got exactly the right protocol for us, the radiographer who a couple if times a week told me “this will be cold and wet” as she went about searching for those illusive all important follicles, the embryologist who talked us through what would happen during egg collection and who looked after our little embryo babies with so much care … and of course our team of nurses … our fairy godmothers; Yvonne, Gwen, Clare and Roz … the respect, admiration, love and gratitude I have for ALL these people makes my heart swell out of my chest, I cannot and will not ever be able to thank them enough for what they have given us … because they gave us life, not just our beautiful Bodhi, but by making our miracle baby they gave us a life that is more magical, precious and wonderful than I could have ever imagined …

However my gratitude to the NHS doesn’t just end there …

This week also marks another anniversary, however a sad one, 1 year ago on the 6th July my beautiful and brave father passed away in the RSH from cancer.
Because of the amazing team that were involved in his care he always kept positive and hopeful right up till the last day, no one gave him any doubt to believe otherwise as that’s what he wanted, he wanted to carry on for as long as he could believing in life and thanks to the Lingen Davies unit at SATH and the many others involved in his treatment he was able to do just that in as little pain and discomfort as possible … whilst still whistling and being his cheeky sarcastic and wonderful self!

Thank you to all these amazing people, the ones that make life, that help it into the world, that care, cure, nurture, treat, rehabilitate, comfort and then help it leave as peacefully as possible.

Because of you for a few months last year a miracle baby was able to spend time with his wonderful Grandad …

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart to every single one of you, you may just be “doing your job” but that is the most special job in the world as you are touching individual lives in extraordinary ways and your influence, your care, what YOU do will last for many lifetimes.

Thank you, Annie, Mark & Bodhi xxx