Mama’s at the Movies – Tully

Mama’s at the Movies – Tully

Mama friends are simply invaluable in the mother”hood” for getting through the day without feeling like you are the only one trying to hold it all together, whilst caring for a little person and not loosing your shit!

I am really blessed and really bloody thankful to have a bunch of amazing women surrounding me and want nothing more than for every mama to feel part of something so special.

Therefore I try to organise a mama meet up at least monthly where we can all come together without the little people (babies not borrowers!)  and have a little us time, sharing our daily messy chaos with friends that “get it”, whether it’s for a coffee, cocktails or like last Sunday a cinema date to a gorgeous independent local cinema (and without doubt one of my all time favourite mama happy places) The Old Market Hall … and thank you to some kind people I also got to put together a lovely little goody bag full of little treats for each mama that came.

The film of choice for our first movie club meet up and really rather apt was Tully. There couldn’t have been a better film for the moment, a comedy drama about a raw and honest depiction of motherhood and relationships; with partners, family but more so and importantly with yourself!

I could gush about how bloody brilliant it is but I don’t want to give anything away because it really is that brilliant, just go and watch it … laugh, cry, feel reassured and empowered that you are not alone and we are all doing our very best to raise happy, healthy children, without breaking them and whilst maintaining relationships, work, a home and some sense of sanity … and just managing to function some days actually! It was the most perfect way to spend a couple of hours, I mean I cannot honestly remember the last time I sat and watched a film the whole way through and had that pure escapism that you get watching a story played out in front of you, not feeling guilty for the housework mounting up, anxiously waiting for a child to wake or thinking you should be making conversation with the person next to you … just to sit there and be present in the moment! But to laugh and cry along with my girlies was precious and really wonderful, especially at the end titles when we were all moved so much by how much we had all enjoyed it we all erupted into clapping (whilst wiping up the mascara smeared down our face!) … and how better to end a date at the cinema then with a drink in a sunny beer garden reminiscing about the movie and the bits that blew your mind (and other things!!) … I mean the bit with the “waitress” when we were all like “what the actual fuck!!”… who saw that coming!! Haha

The best bit however and as always when you have some time is returning home afterwards to my boys having missed them, buzzing and feeling re energised by a few wonderful hours in the company of gorgeous, amazing and inspiring woman and having re discovered that sense of self again, that part of you that gets a little lost now and then in being a mummy!

So until the next time mamas

“Hello. I’m Tully. I’m here to take care of you.” (Go watch the film and you won’t get through that sentence without a lump in your throat and deciding to be a little kinder to yourself!!)

You’re doing amazing!

Big love xx