Oh hello September…

Oh hello September…

Hello September …

I can’t believe it is here already and with it the gorgeous crisp air of autumn! The summer has seemed to have passed in a blink .. but what a summer it was, with what seemed like endless sunshine and heat, wow the heat … I know you can’t have too much of a good thing, but I know I’m not the only one left feeling frazzled by the heat wave we had! Gone are the days when I would lie basking in it, reading and drinking Pimms, this year I have been chasing around a toddler with a sun hat, sunscreen and water, cuddling away bee stings, hibernating in the house during the hottest days and trying everything to cool down the bedroom at night to help him sleep (haha … sleep!!).

I do love the summer though, I love watching the town I live in come alive with all the events, the tourists, the families playing in the park, the groups of friends eating al fresco in the square, the vibrant wildflowers that burst up everywhere, the smell of the lavender and the sound of bees buzzing in the walled garden at Attingham Park, hanging out rows of washing to dry, evenings cooling down in the paddling pool, watching Bodhi running around in just a smile, sitting on the wall in our garden on a hot night with a cold glass of fizz with Mark … This Summer has been buzzy, excitable, hectic, busy, bright, chaotic, glorious, it’s been full of happy days, but now comes the season that awakens my soul and spirit.

So hello to September, time to start to slow down, take a breathe and ease into a slower, steadier pace of life as the evenings start to draw in and with the equinox at the end of the month I feel the change in the air, the crispness on the grass, the need to reflect on the past few months, on its events, again hold dear what’s important and to release others.

September has been branded “the new January” and as F.Scott Fitzgerald said “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” so I have made a commitment to myself to take some time personally and professionally to set goals for myself, not resolutions, but a plan to self-care, to nourish, nurture, nest, to appreciate the important people, what surrounds me and the simple things.

If you would like to join me embracing the Autumn I have put together a could do list for September, alternatively make your own …

  1. Journal – New season, new notebook and let your mind wander in it with thoughts and ideas.
  2. Enjoy every single minute of the warm evenings of the end of summer days by going for walks or sitting out in the evening.
  3. Visit your local grocery / farm shop for some lovely seasonal ingredients.
  4. Curl up with a good book (Hint hint) … watch this space for my wild woman book club starting this month. Also, check out The Book matchmaker for a book date.
  5. Be happy – before that SAD has a chance to sneak up on you over the next few months, make a goal to get active outdoors, whether it be for a morning run, evening stroll or a hearty hill climb to stock up your levels of vit D and those happy hormones.
  6. Embrace the return to routine after the holidays.
  7. Make an Autumn playlist and then just chill and listen. Check out the one I have made here on Spotify.
  8. Play in the leaves.
  9. Have an equinox gathering. I shall be putting together a blog on how to celebrate the equinox over the weekend. But in the meantime plan to get some of your friends together on Sunday 23rg, go for a walk, do some craft, share some good food and nourish your self and your friendships.

As I write this its glorious sunshine outside, my neighbour is mowing her lawn (again!), there are still a few summer festivals in the calendar … however the light has definitely changed, the leaves are changing,  Strictly is back on tv and my legs have already returned to their winter fuzzy state, so that’s me I’m ready for a new season and all the comfort it brings. ♥

What about you?

Please share any plans you have for the next few months or the little things you love about this time of year.

Big cosy hugs.